SBFM over 65 years of know-how in the manufacture of fencing and wire mesh.

Founded in 1948, the Bordeaux Metallic Manufacturing Company (SBFM) is originally specialized in making wire and fences mainly for professionals, but also to a lesser extent, for individuals.
Over time, the SBFM has diversified his activities and now offers a comprehensive range of services around the transformation and processing of metals, for professionnals, industrials and private uses.
Beyond its traditional business of manufacturing and trading of FENCES, FENCES RIGID PANELS, GATES and FENCES FOR SPORTS EQUIPMENTS, SBFM also provides related services, which are based on unique technologies such as : CUTTING JET WATER, the THERMO-PAINTING materials and finally, the design/manufacture of metal parts through our METALWORK (upload booklet SBFM).
With its expansion into new premises providing the means of its development, focusing on controlled growth, SBFM offers its customers the best guarantees for the advice, support, implementation of their projects.
  • Panneaux rigides double fils
  • Main courante remplissage simple torsion
  • Clôture décorative
  • Portail coulissant - CESR Eysines
  • Grillage simple torsion
  • Aménagement naturel
  • Occultant alu
  • Occultant PVC
  • gabions
  • Portail design alu ou PVC
  • Clôture de piscine
  • Clôture barreaudée Décor
  • Découpe jet d'eau haute pression
  • Clôture bambou
  • Thermo-laquage
  • Grillage noué